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Bootstrap Setup for WordPress-Loading Styles & Scripts Function

Bootstrap is well known responsive tool for making beautiful web sites. It is a well defined set of css & JavaScript styling code. Which summarize and validate the css writing process. The main feature of bootstrap is its responsive design for mobile devices. It is widely used all over the world and especially in WordPress themes and applications. So in this WordPress Tutorial we are going implement basic bootstrap setup for wordPress.

Bootstrap Setup Files for WordPress

bootstrap setup-1

Most of the themes include basic bootstrap files in their style load process (Enqueue Style and Script Portion). But if your WordPress theme is not using bootstrap base then you can it by following adding following function in your theme’s function.php file.

You should change path of the files according to your WordPress theme directory structure. the above function will add basic bootstrap setup in your theme.

Bootstrap & JQuery

To perform smooth operation of bootstrap, JQuery is an important and essential script. All versions of WordPress has included JQuery version as built-in feature and there is no need to include jquery separately but if you required anyhow then you can include the script just like bootstrap js file, register and enqueue as given in above example.


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