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Bootstrap Radio Button Showcase with Images & Source Code Download

Bootstrap has made a huge revolution in web designing. It is a well defined sets of css code with JQuery and javascrip. Bootstrap has predefined web designs like its responsive grid system, elements, web components and bootstrap forms. In this article we are going to learn that how can we make a bootstrap radio button which can be used in later web designs.

Lets Start our Bootstrap Radio Button Design

bootstrap radio button

Step-1 Create your Bootstrap Basic Template

This is simple template which is required as base line for our web design. It consists basic files for functioning of bootstrap.  You should be aware of this before proceedings. This complete template with bootstrap radio button design will be provided for download at the end of this tutorial. If you want to read more about basic template read below link.

Bootstrap Basic Template

Step-2 Designing Bootstrap Radio Button

Radio button is part of bootstrap form. We can use it within the form element when we plan to submit a form but if we want just radio button for handling with Ajax where we have no need to submit a form you can use it without form element. Here is a styling example so we are not adding form element. You can use it within your form element.  This is the basic code:-

We need to add this bootstrap radio button code into our bootstrap basic template file index.html. After adding it to concern file the complete code of index.html will look like this:-

Styles for Bootstrap Radio Buttons

Following is the style we need in our tutorial. We will add this style in style.css file under CSS folder of our basic bootstrap template.  The complete example with complete files will be provided for download at the end of this tutorial.

Final Talk

This code will show three radio button in a row with images above them. you can increase number of  radio buttons and images by copy and paste following lines of code in index.html file.

But keep in mind about integers used in class i.e. 4 in “col-md-4 col-sm-4”. The sum of all integers of classes “col-md-x” and “col-sm-x” should be equal to 12 respectively (according to the grid system of bootstrap). In above example if you add another radio button code then name of class for all bootstrap radio buttons will be  name will be “col-md-3 col-sm-3”.

See Live Demo Bootstrap radio buttons

You can download complete source code files here

You can make Radio Button in for WordPress. See following WordPress Tutorial


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