6 Best Google Keyword Rank Checker Websites

There are many on-line tools that can check your website for Google Keyword Rank . Some are which also include search engines like Yahoo/Bing page rank checker. It is necessary for bloggers to check the position of their pages in search result according to keywords. This information provides a base to make better SEO for website contents. Writing content with Poor keyword or with no research often do noting outstanding in Google or any other search engine results. So it is necessary for all bloggers to search best keywords for their contents. It takes less time but make more fruit at the end. Here are some websites that provides useful online Google Keyword Rank Checker tools.Some of them can also check page ranking for Bing  and Yahoo search engines.

Whatsmyserp SERP Checker


This is one of the best free Google Keyword Rank Checker at the time when I discovered it on the Internet. In this tool you just enter your domain name and region of the search engine. It provide the six boxes to enter your six keywords to check page rank for these keywords. It searches among top 300 search records. It also provide top 10 sites for the given keyword and also your website position if your website is found under 300 search records. It also indicates whether the keyword is present in the title and description tags of the websites. It is a good free tool for quick checking of keyword page ranking / position in Google search engine.
Check Whatsmyserp Rank Checker Website

Google Keyword Rank Checker from Online-domain-tools


It is a good tool to check Google search engine result page rank for a given keyword. In first selection box, select your region of search location. Now enter your keyword in next box for which you are searching page rank. Put your domain name in next text box and click the check rank button. This is a hassle free tool as you don’t need to enter verification for captcha image code again and again to check ranking for different keywords. I personally check, It shows accurate results for your search ranking positions in Google. It also provide other ranking sites starting from No.1. So you can check your competitor page rank for the given keyword. It also show a comparison table to show presence of keyword in tile, description and url of the web page for yours and others websites.

Go and Try Keyword Checker Tool 

SERPs Keyword Rank Checker


It is also a best free Google keyword rank checker tool. You can also check Yahoo ranking by clicking the Yahoo option. It gives some handy option for user. Enter a keyword in “Search for keywords” box. And in the next text box enter your website url for which you are checking the rank. Select location of the Search Engine and Select Browsing Device, Desktop (Computer) or Mobile and click the “Go” button. It will show you the webpage url and its position in ranking against the given keyword. Normally it will show the result if Your webpage position is less or equal to 250 ( keep in mind that 250 is result position not page number).

Check this tool

Small SEO Tools (Keyword Rank Checker)

This simple and useful Keyword Rank checker is provided by Small SEO Tools Website. Here you can check 5 keywords at a time to check for ranking in Google Search Engine. You can select result page range upto 40 pages. It shows the page number approximation on which the result is being appeared.


Visit Small SEO Tools Keyword Rank Checker

SEO Centro Keyword Rank Checker.

You have to enter your keyword and website Url here and it will search the keyword rank for your page in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines. It also also shows the Bing and Yahoo search results of different sites that are ranking according to given keyword.


Check out SEO Centro Keyword Rank Checker

SeG Google Position Checker Tool

A simple and free Google Keyword Rank Checker for you website for a given keyword. Although It shows no extra information but like other above tools it provide simple correct information about search rank of a given keyword.


Go To SeG Keyword Rank Checker



Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) checkup is good habit for blogger to take good decisions for SEO of the website and its content. I tried to include the websites which provide the free and quality online tools for SERPs relating to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. I hope you will like my efforts. So please let me know your comments about the topic. And share with us if you know about any other good free tool. Your valuable comments are welcomed.


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