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5 careers where you can utilize HTML and CSS Knowledge.


When we talk about the field of web designing there is came in our mind HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the basic fundamental languages to create advance web designs. These two languages are completely capable to create web templates alone as well as with combination with other languages. First of all we define what these are?




HTML stands for hypertext markup language .This is basically structure of your web document it contains all methods and procedures that show your content on a webpage




CSS stands for cascade style sheets which contains the set of code or formatting material for HTML elements. It makes your webpage more attractive and beautiful.


All advanced level  web designs are started from that HTML and CSS. These language are utilizing in many fields containing shining and beneficial career for programmers. We are discussing some of them here. 


1. Web Site Designing

These languages have a key role in website designing so you can design websites that promote your business, showcase your web designing elements and provide other services that can provide you the earning benefits. These website can promote your business all over the world.  Another way that you from your career is to create your application and you can sell it online by using and promoting your website.


2. Mobile Apps Designing

Mobile apps is also an advance shape of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Mobile apps industry is in full swing nowadays. There are many mobile apps that are performing different types of services related to different fields of life and making a huge revenue. 

3. Work as Free Lancer

If you know HTML and CSS programming knowledge, you can easily work as a freelancer online. You can fix your clients website and apps and provide them error free code and solve their problems. They will pay you in reward of your services. You can use famous platforms sites like Fiverr, freelancer and upwork etc. 

4. Create for third party markets like Envato

You are not only supposed to sell online by yourself but you can also use third party website which will sell the product on your behalf and share the profit with you. The example of such market is envato market .There are other many markets that do this job for you.

5. Jobs in Software houses

jobs in software house

There are many software houses open in the different parts and cities of the world where accompany e make web applications for their clients this off process contain the team of promise which complete the projects for their clients. 


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