2 web designing softwares

2 web design software that add value to designer’s Tool Kit


There is a lot of software out there on the internet, but today I would like to tell you about the two best and most useful ones. One thing best about these web designing software is that they both that both are available to you on the Internet for free.

Instant Eyedropper

With this software you can pick up the color of any pixel on the screen and take its color code in hexadecimal, then using this color code you can get the web color for your web designing page you created and all you can do with just one click.

C:\Users\Ahsasin The Gamer\Pictures\Screenpresso\2019-11-06_20h57_01.png

How to use this software

First, move your mouse pointer to your system tray and click and hold mouse button on the eyedropper icon then move your pointer to the any color on your screen and pick specific pixel and release the mouse button then the color code will be copied automatically on the clipboard and now you can paste this color code to your web editor.

You can download instant eyedropper here


This is an excellent web designing tool to get quick image by taking screenshot quickly for your web projects. It will help you easily to take screenshots any specific part of an image. It also create image for tutorial and you can also create screen captured videos. It is lightweight software. These screenshot could be used in your pages and posts. You can also add quick editing and designs on images, put markings on top of them, use the symbol above them . This way you can create the quick images.

C:\Users\Ahsasin The Gamer\Pictures\Screenpresso\2019-11-06_21h02_24.png

How it Works

To use it you just have to press the Print Screen button and it becomes active immediately. Also you can capture the screenshot and save automatically. It can also make video in different video formats.

You can Download ScreenPresso free from here.


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